Africa Albida Tourism – Wild Dogs’ Kill


Wild Dogs Kill Impala in Front of Ngoma Safari Lodge in Chobe

Guests at Ngoma Safari Lodge, located on the quiet western edge of Chobe National Park, witnessed the rare sight of a pack of wild dogs killing an impala in front of the lodge next to the Chobe River.

Ngoma Safari Lodge guide Tebby Simasiku, who captured this video of the wild dogs in mid-January, said Botswana had a population of around 800 wild dogs, which was Africa’s highest, but sadly their numbers were declining across the continent.

“They are often found in open plains, like this sighting on the Chobe River floodplain, and in savanna woodland,” Simasiku said.

“They form packs of between 4 and 30-plus, and no two dogs have the same markings, but the tip of their tail is always white,” he added.

The luxury boutique eight-suite Ngoma Safari Lodge, operated by hospitality group Africa Albida Tourism, is built on a plateau in the Chobe Forest Reserve, offering a panoramic view of the Chobe River and floodplain.