Africa Albida Tourism – Ngoma Safari Lodge

CHOBE National Park in Botswana is a must visit destination between July and October, with unrivalled wildlife viewing, as vast numbers of game seek out the life-giving waters of the Chobe River during the dry season, says a local tourism operator.

Ngoma Safari Lodge manager Peter Hepburn said current wildlife sightings were particularly spectacular, as the dry season had been coupled with the effects of a drought, further boosting the intensity of  game concentrations on the river.

“Chobe as a destination is a must between July and October, as the intensity of the game seen is unrivalled. Ngoma Safari Lodge, being situated on the western side of park, makes use of the uncrowded side of the park, which makes for relatively undisturbed game viewing,” Mr Hepburn said.

“Both wild dog and lions have been sighted daily over the last few weeks, and we’ve seen one herd of more than 1000 buffalo, as well as hundreds of zebra on the Chobe River flood plains, enjoying the grass and water, before they start migrating in November after the rains start.

Chobe National Park is home to some of the largest elephant herds on earth, and they are just everywhere right now, and, incredibly, there has been a recent sighting of young lions pulling down a young elephant.

He added “Elephants have been frequenting the grounds of Ngoma Safari Lodge, quenching their thirst in the “refresh and relax” pools, which are in front of each of the eight luxury suites, giving guests a closer view of them than they may have expected!”

Peter and Judy Hepburn , the newly appointed managers of Ngoma Safari Lodge, have been involved in the safari and tourism industry for more than 40 years. Mr Hepburn’s father was the first warden of Chobe National Park from 1961 to 1970.

Ngoma Safari Lodge, which is built on an escarpment, offering stunning panoramic views of the Chobe floodplains and river, has eight spacious river-facing suites, as well as a central guest area with bar and dining facilities, built next to a magnificent baobab tree.

Ngoma Safari Lodge is a joint community and privately funded  project between the Chobe Enclave Conservation Trust (CECT) and  Africa Albida Tourism (AAT), and the local community benefits directly from each bed night booked.