African Bush Camps – Makes it personal

Our Botswana guides, Dutch Bihelang Kasal, James ‘007’ Tsiets, Esefa Mokopi and Kutlwano Banda ready to tailor your experience

Moments. Think of those moments that ignite something inside of you. The stimuli that immediately bring a smile to your face. Think right now. A call from your childhood friend. A song that evokes all the good feels. David Attenborough’s voice. The roar of a lion under an African sky.

African Bush Camps is sermonic in creating moments. Picture it, the moment you gasp over the expanse of the Linyanti. Or your first game drive through the wildlife prolific Khwai area. Or witness the dust cloud that rolls in as the zebra migration trots into the Nxai Pan. Each a smile worthy moment!

Take those moments and now let’s make them personal. African Bush Camps offer personal guides to travel with guests as they seamlessly explore the span of African Bush Camps, Botswana based properties. A professional walking guide, born, bred and living on Botswanan soil (as all our camp team members are) who’s passion for sharing and conserving Africa is unsurpassed.

A personal guide quickly learns their guests’ character and preferences they know what creates those jaw breaking smiles and belly laughter. A personal guide knows their guests favourite bird, their most memorable sighting, their bucket list sighting, they know what wildlife has been spotted and what remains blank on the checklist. A personal guide knows their guests favourite sundowner cocktail… down to that extra dash of bitters and a lemon wedge. Armed with a private vehicle your personal guide knows how to tailor the ultimate safari moments.

Guest will know their guide too, adore them and cherish the moments shared together.

With no additional costs here’s how to make moments personal:

  • Minimum 4 people travelling
  • Dec-Mar: min 9 nights at any combination of African Bush Camps Botswana property
  • Apr–Nov: min 6 nights at any combination of African Bush Camps Botswana property
  • Not available to SADC guests
  • Secret Season and long stay rates apply