African Bush Camps – Migrations Expeditions

Ignite your unique spirit at Migrations Expeditions

From the beginning of our time on earth, we, the humans who have walked this world have been driven by a desire to explore and discover new lands and destinations. Human migration has lead people and communities to opposite ends of the world often motivated by the need to improve one’s self. It is this inherent characteristic that still burns within us, inspiring us to travel to new territories, understand different cultures, experience nature and wildlife in its raw habitat. To move is our nature and to travel our liveliness.

We are not the only species to characteristically migrate this earth, our wild companions often venture vast distance following a stable supply of food and habitat. African Bush Camps invites you to experience the unique plains zebra migration across Botswana.

The migration remained relatively undiscovered until recent times due to the virtually inaccessible landscape. The zebras live in the northern areas surrounding the Chobe River during the dry season from July to early November. Roughly 250 km south the Naxi Pan receives its first rainfall in November. It is at this first sign of rain, all those kilometers away that spark the animal instinct within and the zebras begin to move. The journey takes 14-20 days as the zebra take the most direct route to reach the Naxi Pan as vegetation springs to life. The round-trip, linear migration is the longest land migration in Africa.

Migration Expeditions is proud to open this December and welcome our experiential travelers to be present as the zebras in substantial herds arrive. Migration Expeditions, a semi mobile tented camp consists of 6 canvas tents set on low decks with bucket showers and two main area tents comprising of the lounge and dining space. The intimate camp is seasonal and opens from December to April in the Nxai Pan National Park.

Complimentary activities include morning and afternoon game drives and visits to Baines Baobabs. Baine’s Baobabs are a cluster of ancient baobab trees on a small island that overlooks KudiaKam Pan. The million-year-old trees look unworldly perched on their oasis surrounded by the vast pan. A photographer’s dream.

Beyond seeing large zebra herds guests at Migration Expeditions can expect to see some of the largest African bull elephants, herds of wildebeest, giraffe, oryx, springbok, Kalahari lions, cheetah, jackal and spotted hyena as well as the illusive leopard, endangered wild dog and rare brown hyena.

Birding is prolific with more than 200 recorded species. Migratory bird patterns can be linked to the movement of the zebra and many are in full plumage as they breed between November and April months.

We encourage you to revitalize your own migratory spirit and join us at the Naxi Pan for a unique display of wildlife from African Bush Camps newest addition, Migration Expeditions.