Air Botswana – National Asset

‘Much more than a business’ says new Air Botswana GM

Air Botswana’s new General Manager, Ben Dahwa, says the airline is much more than a business. He calls it a national asset and an instrument of growth.

‘As the flag carrier we have special responsibilities not only to our passengers but also to the nation that we represent and serve,’ he says.

‘Every seat that we fill is a service to our country, because it contributes in some way to the national good as we discharge our mandate and obligations to our Government shareholder and our stakeholders.’

Mr Dahwa, who joined Air Botswana with wide aviation experience in the region, marked his first three months in office with a media briefing in which he outlined the airline’s strategic direction for the future.

He said the real relevance of Air Botswana is in its making a positive contribution to the economy, and not simply trading as a profit orientated business enterprise. This is why the national airline is prepared to operate certain marginal routes in order to extend air connectivity in the country and encourage business and tourism activity.

‘That is central to our purpose. We are committed to making our contribution to GDP and so remain relevant as a national asset and economic enabler, and not be judged by our trading bottom line.’

He underlined the airline’s commitment to operating in full support of the tourism industry, Botswana’s second largest revenue earner after mining. ‘We will continue to strive always to balance route and timetable development to best meet the needs of our business and leisure passengers.’

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