Belmond Safaris – One of Twenty Six

Onkgoptse Manga (Onx)

Belmond Safaris’ Onkgoptse Onx Manga chronicled in “Legendary Safari Guides”

Belmond Safaris’ Onkgopste “Onx” Manga is one of Africa’s twenty-six Legendary Safari Guides, chronicled in a recently released book by British-based South African author Susie Cazenove.

Legendary Safari Guides captures the romance and adventure of an African wildlife safari through the stories of the guides who lead them. As Susie says: “Many dream of exploring wildest Africa, but what makes for the ultimate safari is your guide. The guide is the difference between a perfectly good holiday and a life changing experience”.

The book introduces us to twenty-six truly extraordinary safari guides from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Namibia. And Belmond’s Onx is one of them. Susie tells their stories of adventures and drama, and their passion to make guests see Africa in a new light. They are determined to share the privilege of a truly wild experience with their guests.

Onx is naturally delighted and proud as Punch to be included in this illustrious list. Asked why he thought he made the cut, he explains: “I consider myself a guide from both schools of guiding – Old School and New School. Old School guides are self-trained and gained experience in the field. Most of those guides came from local village, and nature was part of their daily life growing up. The legendary guide Mothupi was among those people and I learnt from him when he was still guiding at Belmond Khwai River Lodge. New School guides come from towns and cities. They are educated and were only introduced to the bush by the wildlife training schools.

“I also attended the Botswana Wildlife Training Institute to train as a professional guide and then started my career during an era when everyone was of Old School. I also love being with people and I can not find words to express my love for nature”. Susie agrees with all of this, and in addition she says that she was seduced by his “happy, rollicking, positive nature!”

Legendary Safari Guides is an updated version of the first book Licensed to Guide, in which Onx was included as a new young guide. It is now available in paperback and ebook from publishers Bookstorm and and via Kindle if you click on this link:

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