&Beyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge

Jewel of The Delta reinvented

&Beyond Sandibe’s brand new look is inspired by nature. The weaver bird’s charming nest building habits and the elusive pangolin’s body armour of scales have been the inspiration for the new building structure, using organic materials such as wood to execute the major structural design.

Sandibe Image 2LR

• Curvilinear guest area will take on the shape of the folded plates, or scales, of the pangolin
• Interiors celebrate the very best of Botswana craft
• Serene, organic and romantic nest-like suites are raised among the trees
• Breathtaking Delta views
• At night, the suites become private cocoons with fireplaces providing warmth and light in winter
• Eight new suites with private plunge pools
• Four additional suites will open in September 2014 (one “family unit” of two interconnecting suites will cater for families and small groups)
• Some of our trade partners that have been fortunate enough to visit the site claim the new &Beyond Sandibe will one of the most architecturally impressive lodges in the Delta

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