Chobe Game Lodge – New Website


Chobe Game Lodge is proud to announce the launch of its new website – now live.

The new full-width responsive website has been redesigned with a cleaner look which takes visitors on a journey to what a safari to the Chobe National Park with Chobe Game Lodge is all about. The strong visuals in the introduction video on the home page draw immediate attention to the incredible wildlife encounters and safari experiences available in the Chobe National Park while also offering a glimpse into the luxuries of Chobe Game Lodge.

Scrolling below the video viewers dive deeper into the details of the lodge from the various room categories to detailed explanations of the available activities as well as additional information on the Chobe National Park. Pages dedicated to the lodges responsible tourism initiatives and electric safari fleet highlight the lodges ongoing commitment to responsible tourism development. Finally, the blog and live webcam allow viewers the opportunity to stay up to date with news and sightings from the lodge.

Chobe Game Lodge has undergone a radical transformation in recent years which started with an extensive refurbishment of the lodge. This included décor upgrades throughout the property as well as the expansion of the Chobe Boardwalk which now extends the full length of the lodge allowing travelers to take advantage of the lodge’s unique location inside the Chobe National Park. Upgrades to all guest rooms were also done, increasing the size of the bathrooms and remodeling the room interiors with a fresh and luxurious look.

Earlier this year, with refurbishments near completion, Chobe Game Lodge underwent a rebrand including the launch of the new Chobe Game Lodge logo which takes its inspiration from the elements of the Chobe National Park, the lodges history, and its location. Together with the new logo, a completely new look & feel to the properties in-lodge marketing material is currently being implemented.

The new website is a celebration of the transformation of Chobe Game Lodge. It has been designed to better portray the properties luxurious lodge offering while also offering visitors a glimpse into what they can expect on their safari to the Chobe National Park.

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