Chobe Game Lodge – Recycled Glass

Chobe Game Lodge use Recycled Glass Bricks to build a house in the Chobe District!

We are delighted to announce that Chobe Game Lodge will be working with the President’s Housing Appeal in the first ever house in the area to be built using recycled glass bricks. We have identified Lebotswang Kabelo of the Kazungula community near the Chobe National Park who will move into the house upon completion.


The President’s Housing Appeal calls on all those companies and individuals who have the means to help build houses for the needy. The intention is to have provided decent housing to all needy Batswana by 2016. Government continues to strive for better housing, at the same time it can do better with partnering with other stakeholders of the society.

What makes this project so unique is that the house will be built using the bricks that were manufactured at Chobe Game Lodge using recycled glass from the onsite recycling unit.

All glass and ceramic waste at the lodge is crushed using a powerful crushing unit. Once it reaches a course sand like consistency this product is then mixed with cement to create a strong building brick.

Chobe Game Lodge prides itself for being one of the first hospitality establishments in Botswana to be awarded the highest Eco-tourism recognition in the country.

Work on the house begins at the end of February. Stay in touch via facebook or twitter to follow our progress with the project.

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