Desert & Delta Safaris – Cares Philosophy

Introducing the Desert & Delta Safaris CARES Philosophy

Established in 1982, Desert & Delta Safaris is one of the most successful safari operators in Botswana. Our philosophy and core values in supporting our people, protecting the natural heritage of Botswana and creating lifelong memories for our travellers, is at the forefront of how we run our business.

The Desert & Delta Safaris CARES Philosophy explains the very foundation upon which our company was built 35 years ago – what we have achieved over the years and our vision for the future.

The word CARES is important to us as it clearly portrays our philosophy in caring for our people, the environment and our travellers.

We care about each one of our staff members who all play a fundamental role in creating memorable experiences for our travellers. We care about their health, their well-being and their future potential as individuals. We care about their families and the communities they come from. Finally, as a Botswana born and registered company, we care about our citizens and developing the future potential of our people.

Owing to the nature and location of our business in pristine wilderness environments, we care about our natural heritage. We care about being eco-conscious, driving sustainable and innovative initiatives within our daily operations which protect and limit the impact our business has on the areas in which we work.

As a lodge operator responsible for crafting memorable, often once in a life time experiences, we care about our guests and the experiences they have in Botswana. With over 35 years in the safari industry, we know that by caring for our people and our environment – we will ultimately ensure our guests leave having enjoyed an all-encompassing Botswana safari. Furthermore, by practicing our CARES Philosophy, our travellers can be assured that their travel spend with us is being utilised in an accountable and responsible manner.

Most importantly, Desert & Delta Safaris cares about Botswana and our philosophy is one which incorporates all our efforts and aspirations which will ultimately benefit the future of our country and Batswana people as a whole.