Desert & Delta – Exceptional Wildlife Sightings


The Moremi Game Reserve has been alive with exceptional wildlife sightings for guests visiting Camp Moremi and Camp Xakanaxa. While out on a recent afternoon game drive, our guests were treated to a sighting of a lifetime when a pack of 22 wild dogs attacked a lioness and her cub. Here is a brief account of the sighting by one of our guests.

“We took a drive to Paradise Pools as we had been told by the guides that they had seen a lioness with her cub there. We were fortunate to find them resting on an anthill in an open area soaking up the late afternoon sun.

While enjoying the serenity of the sighting, out of nowhere a herd of impala scattered through the tree line, behind them was a pack of wild dogs. Alerted by the presence of another predator in the area, the wild dogs immediately diverted their attention to the lioness and her cub. We held our breath as the pack of dogs organized themselves on the advance towards these two lions.

One dog saw a gap and sunk its teeth into the hind leg of the now growling and distressed lioness. But this old lioness defended her cub fiercely, fighting off the advancing dogs one at a time. Dust bellowing in the air and the incredible sounds of the lioness growls and dog yelps, the battle was in full rage. Dogs darted in from all angles, it was one lioness against twenty-two wild dogs.

Almost as quickly as this fight was triggered, it dissipated. Why the wild dogs decided to back down is unclear but incredibly, the lioness had successfully fended off the large pack. Mom and cub left the area unharmed.”