Elephant Trails – An Impossible Dream


An Impossible Dream and a Rhino Nicknamed Priscilla

“Any chance of seeing a Rhino?” was a question that I would often hear in my early days as a guide in Northern Botswana. Without hesitation, my answer would be “no chance of that happening!”

Well finally, after almost 23 years of guiding in this most amazing wildlife wilderness, I had to eat my words!

There was a rumour of a Rhino sighting the day before and our safari group of guests who had been returning to Botswana every year since 2001 were playing it cool. “Don’t panic about not seeing it” they kept saying to me, but I could sense their excitement. Coming across fresh Rhino tracks early morning only pushed excitement levels higher. A tense 30 minutes followed by high anticipation going down to resigned acceptance that we had lost our chance. Suddenly we saw a large grey termite mound move and we knew we had struck gold!

We spent an amazing time with this beautiful animal on a day that I will never forget. It didn’t take long for someone to nickname her Priscilla. (Why? I can’t recall). And to make it even more special there was only one other vehicle present whose expert guide also showed Priscilla the respect she deserved. Now that is what makes Botswana special!

3 days later we found the Leopard that made it my first Big 5 safari in Botswana! Thanks to the efforts of Rhino Conservation Botswana for making my “impossible dream” possible!