Golden Africa – Savuti Sightings


Spectacular Savuti Sightings
Our most recent safari in Savuti is certainly one that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Whilst finishing an early breakfast one morning, a pack of 5 wild dogs ran straight through camp. After guests excitedly hurried into the game-viewer we were soon on their tracks and found them racing after a scrub hare. After quickly flushing the hare out, one of the dogs, with the hare now in its mouth made a run for it refusing to share this mini dinner with the pack. This didn’t last long and after a quick scrap with the rest of the pack, the hare was quickly devoured. The smell of the small kill must have carried, as within minutes guests were excited to see a hyena emerge out of the bushes heading straight for the dogs. After a confrontation with the dogs and in seeing there were no left overs to be had, he was soon sent on his way.

This was just one thrilling sighting that Savuti has conjured up for guests this season. As usual, Botswana as a whole has delivered fantastic wildlife sightings, however, Savuti has really stood out, from this wild dog and hyeana encounter, to leopards fishing for cat fish, Savuti really has shown us just why it is such a special place.