Grand Palm – Green Initiatives

Peermont Global Botswana Ltd (“PGB”) is committed to Green Initiatives both from an Eco Tourism perspective and also as a means to save on energy and utility costs. To this end PGB has embarked upon and completed the following Green initiatives.

  • Heat Pump Water heating technology
  • Water recycling plant
  • Water flow restrictors
  • Power save devices
  • Used paper recycling
  • Safe disposal of Vapor lamps
  • Save our planet notifications
  • Linen Laundry Bags
  • Conversion of Light Bulbs CFC’s and LED’s

Heat pumps effective in May 2012
All Peermont properties had heat pumps installed for the heating of hot water at a cost of nearly 3 million pula in May 2012. This initiative is saving us up to 20% in power costs at some units.

Water recycling plant
This idea was conceived by management in 2004 and was actually rolled out and completed in 2006 at a cost of +- P4 million. The process involves getting all waste water from the complex, Walmont Hotel, Casino, GICC and the Metcourt Inn to a central collection point, separating the solids for run off into the municipal sewerage works but taking all the liquids through a process of reverse osmosis using membrane technology to produce high quality effluent water which is then pumped into tanks for use on the gardens and grounds. The waste /sludge that is produced is stable and does not attract flies and has no bad odour. The plant also has a small foot print and is easy to use and maintain by the hotels own maintenance team. This project was officially opened by the Minister of Environment and Tourism Mr. Kitso Mokaila in December 2007.  As a result of this initiative Grand Palm Resort has the most extensive green lawns in Botswana and saves approximately P60 000 in water costs per month.

Water flow restrictors
All Peermont Global properties have ensured that water restrictors are fitted to all water faucets (taps and urinal) to reduce flows from 10 liters per minute to 2 liters per minute. All showers have been fitted with flow reducing heads that still retain that special pressure for a good shower.

Power saving devices (Ving Card)
All Peermont Properties are fitted with an electricity activation device at the room entrance. This device will ensure that power appliances are deactivated when the key is removed when the guest leaves the room. All offices in Peermont Global hotels have been fitted with a motion detector which will deactivate the lights as soon as the office is vacated.

The Grand Palm have also installed Electro-flow devices which assist to reduce costs and save on kilowatt hours. The key benefit of these devices is that they keep the electricity flow constant, especially where there are frequent fluctuations and this helps to prevent electric motors, light bulbs and tubes from burning out too quickly. All switches that do not have a motion detector have a “SOS” (Switch something off” plaque below the light switch to encourage all staff to turn the light off when leaving the storeroom.

Used paper recycling
Used paper is only discarded when both sides have been used. All non confidential papers are used on both sides.

Safe disposal of vapour lamps
The Grand Palm has installed a machine to crush and safely dispose of florescent tubes and other compact fluorescents which contain mercury vapour which is harmful to the environment.

Linen laundry bags
Peermont Walmont have stopped using plastic laundry bags and designed a screen printed linen bag made from our old sheets. The linen bags have our Peermont logo and the Management encourages guests to take these with them.

Save our planet notifications
All our rooms have notifications that encourage our guests not to have their sheets or towels washed daily to save on water and pollution from detergents.

Conversion of light bulbs to CFCS & LED’s
Over the past 3 years Peermont have been at the forefront of saving power by converting 95% of our light bulbs to new improved technology lamps. All lighting has been converted from traditional incandescent to compact florescent lower wattage lamps. In the next several months we will be rolling out a project to replace all bulbs to LED’s to further reduce our energy demand.

Peermont Global Botswana and the Grand Palm is very proud of the steps they have taken and will continue to take to create a more environmentally friendly hotels.


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