Great Plains – Selinda adventure trail

Selinda Adventure Trail starts its new season on 1 April through to 30 September. It can either be a heli-canoeing or heli-trekking expedition, through the remote and vast Selinda Reserve, depending on what the water levels of the Selinda Spillway are doing.  If there is enough water to canoe the entire section then guests will embark on a combination adventure of approximately 50% canoeing and 50% walking. If there’s not enough water to canoe the whole 45km length of the canoeing trail on the Selinda Spillway, then the trip becomes a 100% walking expedition to a variety of mobile camp locations. The 20 minute helicopter transfer into the start of both trails gives an adrenaline start and a great overview of the terrain guests will be walking or canoeing through before being dropped in the remote start point on the Selinda Spillway.

It is the only activity of its kind in Botswana. Prior to 2008 there hadn’t been a flow of water along the Selinda Spillway for 30 years!  Whether this continues is down to rainfall in Botswana and Angola, and imperceptible changes in tectonics beneath the Kalahari Sands. Strangely for Botswana, in a country that’s largely fat and hot, it could be likened to skiing; if there’s good powder (water) you go heli-skiing, and if not then you stay on piste.

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