Haina Kalahari Lodge – Winter 2016 sightings

Winter 2016 at Haina Kalahari Lodge promises to be a superb time for animal sightings. Our resident lioness is coming to the end of her pregnancy and we are hoping to have a few new additions to our resident pride. The next few months will promise sightings of our new little lion’s cubs as they grow. We cannot wait for the first pictures of these little ones. The pride of lions have settled in to the lodge area and are seen on a regular basis. The other two cubs, 2 years old now, are still with the pride and hunting successfully on their own. With the recent rains and wonderful growth of new grass, our airstrip proves to be a popular place for grazing, and with all the impala and wildebeest in the area, the two cubs have taken over the airstrip and have plenty of prey animals to choose from. Our male lion continues to patrol and defend his territory and most nights he is heard calling and roaring around the lodge.

In September we added 100 Wildebeest to our current population and they are doing very well and have had quite a few babies. They are seen prancing around and running amok around the lodge waterhole! As the season of growth comes to an end, we have been blessed with the birth of many new babies. All our kudu, eland, zebra and even giraffes have added on to their population.

One of our female Leopards has had a cub and she is frequently seen at none other than Leopard Pan, in the northern section of our reserve.

2016 dry season game viewing is looking like one of our best yet, with many new additions to families.

Activities: Besides fantastic game viewing, Haina Kalahari Lodge also offers a traditional San/Bushman Walk at the lodge. This interactive walk highlights the ancient and traditional way they survived in what has to one of the harshest ecosystems in the world. It is a walk of discovery, of a culture that is as old as this world. A fantastic activity for the kids to join in. They are able to try and make a fire, using traditional means, shooting with a bow and arrow, digging for the vital and life giving water, setting traps to hunt small game and a song and dance to end it off. Fun and exciting for the children and a ‘must do’ activity. Not forgetting the grown ups, the walk is also an informative reflection of traditional medicines, plants used and a look into the culture and society that they have.

For those seeking bit more adrenalin, Haina offers guided quad bike trips in our reserve. A little dusty afterwards, but a fun filled way of exploring our reserve.

Our star gazing deck is always popular with guests. After a sundowner around the fire, climb the steps up to the viewing deck, and watch the stars come out. The Kalahari, with no surrounding light pollution, provides the most fantastic sky nights in winter.

Spa: Final fittings are being done to our newly built Spa. What more could one want after a day of game viewing and walking in the bush, to settle in to our Spa, overlooking the waterhole and indulge in a hot stone massage. The Spa will also offer facials, pedicures and manicures as well as a range of different massages all done with specially blended African products.

Going Green…
We have recently installed solar geysers in all our rooms, delivering piping hot water to our inside and outside showers. The rooms already operate entirely on solar.

Haina is busy building a new greenhouse and we will be planting all our fresh produce ourselves. Nothing better that enjoying a fresh crunchy salad, grown right out here in the Kalahari! We are hoping to become quite self-sufficient for all our salad and vegetable purposes.

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