Kalahari Skies – African-bush lovers

Hemingway Safaris, founded in 1983 by the family of the well known American writer-adventurer, has since 1994 organised safaris throughout Botswana, the jewel of Africa. The company is run by real African-bush lovers with over 17 years of experience in guiding people through the astonishing world they discovered and never left. See our regular tours through the Kalahari, meet the last Bushmen/San in their habitat, search with us for the famous black-mane Kalahari lions, enjoy the playful suricates (meerkats),  follow the descending vultures to a fresh kill and be marveled by the unforgettable sundowners. A better “Out of Africa” feeling is hard to find ! Or join a regular Moremi-Chobe Classic tour, showing you the highlights of Botswana’s nature parks, find yourself in a herd of elephants, hear the roar of the majestic lion, look up to a giraffe, the tallest mammal on this planet or look up to an African fish eagle, crying its joy for everybody to hear. Enjoy in style!

As we promote the Botswana Government policy of “low Tourism volume impact” we only take a maximum of 6 participants on every tour, the only exceptions are tailor-made trips for special interest groups: birders, universities, photographers,… We believe in personal service, close-feeling with the bush and the safari participants and have so over the years build up a growing group of regulars, friends and sympathizers.  Therefore, we have specialized into the growing need for a safari tour operator who caters for small, interested groups, families and friends. Our no-participation policy assures you that you will be able to enjoy your holiday at the fullest. We love to share with you “Africa”: no formalities, no hurry, no pressure, life like it is meant to be,

Join us, enjoy, and regret you didn’t find us earlier  

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