Kangara Adventure Safaris – 35 Years Experience


Kangara Adventure Safaris has been running trips into the Okavango Delta for 12 years when Kate and Neil Kendrick took over management of Okavango River Lodge in Maun. Our safaris venture into the Okavango Delta by mokoro, or motorboat as well as by fully equipped game drive vehicles into the Moremi Game Reserve, Nxai Pan and the Central Kalahari.

Kate and Neil Kendrick have a joint bush experience of over 35 years. Neil is a citizen of Botswana and started as a mobile camp manager and quickly elevated to professional guide. Kate arrived in Botswana from England in 2002, to manage a horse back safari operation with a long and excellent history in Botswana. From here she worked as a freelance camp manager at many of the lodges in the delta as well as hostessing for high end mobile safaris.

It was while working in the Delta that she first met Neil. Neil would come in on a freelance basis to lead the horse safaris. It took a while, but six years later they were married under a beautiful Sycamore Fig tree on the Thamalakane River in Maun! Now with two children they continue to manage Okavango River Lodge and Kangara Adventure Safaris.

Having their own children and realizing what a challenging destination Botswana can be for young families, and those travelling on a budget, they strive to provide safaris and activities to cater for this particular niche.

The grey hornbill, the logo for KAS, and that being Neil’s favourite bird, is perhaps the understated of the hornbill family. It has a fantastic call and is found within all the areas that KAS operates. A fascinating bird, not only are they beautiful they are incredible parents. The female seals herself into her nest with her young to protect from predators. She leaves a small hole so the male can feed herself and her young! Kangara is an old place name of the ward, now called Matlaplaneng, of Maun where Okavango River Lodge is located and where Kangara Adventure Safaris is based.

Together Kate and Neil have accomplished an all-round experience of safaris in Botswana and the Okavango Delta and we look forward to sharing our passion and knowledge with you. Further information can be found on their website.