Kgato Safaris – Mobile Tented Safaris


Kgato means following in the footsteps or footprints in Setswana. You could not do better than to follow in the footsteps of this new company specialising in mobile tented safaris throughout Botswana.

Owner/guide, BK Setlabosha, one of northern Botswana’s most recognised and well known professional guides will take you on an unforgettable cultural experience through the wilderness and the bush, teaching and sharing with you his knowledge of the bush and culture that has always been a part of his life.

BK Setlabosha grew up on the western side of the Delta, in a small village called Etsha. He spent his days on the open floodplains of the Delta fishing or watching over his cows. When he was old enough to leave home and work to help support his family, BK went to work in the Delta and spent 25 years of his life in the tourism industry and doing what he loved and knew most. BK managed very up market camps and he was convinced that he wanted to share more than his knowledge of the bush with people.

BK’s love of people, culture and the bush is what makes Kgato Safaris such an extra-ordinary experience.

Kgato Safaris offers two different types of safaris to cater to the individual; top quality mobile tented safaris, where guests are accommodated in luxury tents with en-suite facilities and all your needs are catered for by a small group of camp staff.

For the more adventurous we offer a participation safari where guests get involved with the camping side of the safari. Guests are comfortably accommodated in tents and sleep on beds with linen i.e. sheets, blankets, duvets etc. Bathrooms are setup behind the tent and our willing staff is always more than ready to fill up your water for a refreshing shower. In front of each tent is a wash hand basin and safari chairs. Lighting is by paraffin lamp.

A mess tent is set up for meals although more often that not these are taken al fresco – under shady trees during the day and stars at night.

Due to the nature of the mobile camp and the fact that these safaris will be set up for private groups, day to day activities can remain completely flexible. All the usual activities are offered: game viewing by vehicle, boat, mekoro or on foot. Mekoros are the traditional form of transport in the Okavango Delta and are wooden dugout canoes made from various local trees.

Let us take you on an unforgettable safari following the footsteps of culture and nature in this unforgettable land, Botswana.

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