Kwando – Company updates

Important Up-dates

5 Rivers RATES FROZEN! – Please contact if you do not have a copy for  2017/18.

Rates for 2017/18 have been released – Please contact if you do not have a copy.

Boat activity at Lagoon has been suspended due to low water levels – this will be until further notice.

General Reminders: Please note all weight restrictions per passenger for all light aircraft transfers with Moremi Air: 100kg body weight and 20kg for luggage (no hard suitcases).

Please advise all your clients that we can no longer exchange US dollars that are dated 2006 or before in Botswana – please note if your clients are getting USD for their trip to ensure they are 2007 or later.

Please check your cancellation policies mirror ours – Please contact for copy of our Terms & Conditions.

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