Kwando – Low Season Special


April on Safari with Kwando

Following on from our low season ‘5 Rivers’ special we have our April offer;

US$525 rack rate per person per night – Applicable for any combination of our camps – Lagoon, Lebala, Kwara, Little Kwara, Tau Pan and Nxai Pan for a minimum of 6 nights 1-30 April. The rate is for twin share, no single supplement on the first two single rooms per booking. See full T&Cs.

Why travel in April?

Kwara and Kwando Concessions – Kwara, Little Kwara, Lagoon and Lebala
The first signs that the times are changing. Night time temperatures drop to below 20°C on average but day temperatures continue to rise on some days. The cooler mornings, with high relative humidity, lead to wonderful early morning mists over the waters. The impala rut is in full swing and the challenges continue right through the night with dramatic clashes between rival males. The trees have completed flowering and fruit is ripening – most notably the massive ‘sausages’ hanging from the Sausage trees. Reptiles are actively breeding and feeding in anticipation of the pending winter dry season.

Nxai Pan National Park and Central Kalahari Game Reserve – Nxai Pan and Tau Pan
There is a distinct chill in the night air now, together with the distinct chirp of the rain locust. Any surface water left from the rains has already dried up and while there is still good grazing on the open pans, mammals, birds and reptiles are preparing for the long dry season ahead. At Nxai Pan, the numbers of mammals at the water hole continues to grow as the rain fed water holes are mostly dry. Large numbers of elephant congregate around the water hole and provide insights into the dynamics between individual elephants and other species as they try to access the life-saving water. While daytime temperatures remain over 30°C, for the first time in the year, night time temperatures drop to below 20°C.

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