Kwando Safaris – Zebra Migration

Zebra Migration at Nxai Pan Camp – Kwando Safaris

Although the rains have been late this year, with desirable rainfall levels yet to come, the zebras have started to arrive in Nxai Pan. Known as the longest land animal migration in terms of distance covered, the herds of zebra travel from Chobe National Park all the way to the fossil salt pans of the Nxai Pan National Park just after the first rains. They have been seen around Nxai Pan and the camp in the hundreds, and we are hopeful that more rains will incentivise them to make this journey.

The scrubby grassland that covers Nxai Pan is green and luscious, while wild flowers are in bloom. The zebras come for these new succulent grasses which will have just sprung up, and are rich in minerals – especially for the females who will have had their young at this time of the year. The young zebras rely on their milk from their mothers, rich in minerals from the salt pan, to grow healthy and tough for the long commute back to Chobe.

Kwando Safaris runs the 5 Rivers Special from 15th November 2019 – 31st March 2020, the rack rate is USD 495 pppn on fully inclusive accommodation if clients stay for a minimum of 3 nights at Nxai Pan.