Letaka Safaris – Announce New Beds

New solid plate aluminium beds

Letaka Safaris is pleased to announce that our new solid plate aluminium beds have begun arriving from the factory. These beds represent many months of experimentation and design to produce a bed that is incredibly sturdy and yet lightweight and portable enough to be suited to a mobile operation. These beds have been built to withstand some serious abuse! We expect to have replaced all our old stretcher-style beds by the end of September this year.

Another exciting upgrade in the process is that our old Wilderness style tents are being phased out and replaced with our new Sahara style tents. The new tents are 30% larger by volume inside and the high sides and roof give the feel of a much larger interior. Thus far we have replaced 60% of the old style tents and by June next year we will have replaced all the old-style tents. In combination with the new camp beds this represents a major product upgrade.

And finally, Letaka safaris is continuing with its move towards a greener operation with the second camp carrier conversion which includes dual solar panels on the roof which run the on-board refrigeration and charging systems.

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