Liquid Giraffe – New Direction

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience”. Paul Coello

We believe in offering our guests exceptional experiences. Why? Research has shown that spending money on experiences rather than ‘stuff’ introduces you to new worldly perspectives. Experiences define purpose and passions. Experiences cannot always be quantified; they may be challenging at times but they are memorable, meaningful and usually joyful. They can often teach us life lessons.

This is the underlying philosophy of Liquid Giraffe’s new direction as illustrated on our website. We wanted to move away from the thread count of the sheets in lodge bedrooms, the elegance of sugar twirls on the deserts and the square meter size of rooms. Yes there are travellers who do want large, sumptuous tents in which to linger longer but we at Liquid Giraffe felt that it was time to focus on what the bounty that Botswana has to offer. We no longer dwell too heavily on lodges themselves; we now ask our guests what it is they want to experience – from a safari in the sky to sleeping out in the dazzling clear African night skies to focusing on specific wildlife, be it buffalo herds to searching for the elusive pangolin.

We invite to look at our new website and see our revamped menu of experiences.