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Missing Botswana? Visit the Chobe Game Lodge LIVE WEBCAM

That is what a lot of our friends in the travel industry say to their potential clients when they click on our webcam to show the view from the lodge that the guests are enjoying right at that moment. “You could be here!”  It is estimated that over 35% of Africa’s elephant population reside in Botswana and a large proportion of them call the Chobe Riverfront their home.  So if it is day time when you tune in – then the chances are there will be animals parading the floodplain in front of the webcam.

Marketing Executive, Mytie Moutswi, explains why she loves this feature of the lodge!  “Chobe Game Lodge’s boardwalk has lured many to take casual strolls on it without much being said until they reach the #ChobeDeckOfFame – this is a ‘one of a kind’ viewing deck giving way to wildlife unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Just the other day we witnessed over 350 elephants near and far.”

“There are days when we get guests taking power walks coming back to get more of their fellow guests to the viewing deck to come and share these special moments with them. When we’re out travelling and missing Chobe it has become a norm to find ourselves going on the Chobe Game Lodge website just to take a peek at what beautiful wildlife has graced the floodplain or even check on the water levels. Right now it is beautiful lush greenery with steadily increasing water levels. This for us brings us close to home whenever we are miles away from our beautiful Chobe.”

You can view the webcam live on our website anytime at

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