Muchenje Safari Lodge – Exploring the Western Waterfront


Muchenje and the other western operators are proud to launch (literally) the new water experience at the Ihaha Jetty on the western waterfront within the Chobe National Park.

This project has taken years of planning and commitment to come to fruition and wow – is it worth it….gliding across the mirror like shallows of the western waterfront offers our guests another opportunity to experience the glorious Chobe wildlife from the best angle. From the myriad of birds, wading fishing and swimming or the resident wildlife coming to the flood waters to quench their thirst before the waters recede and bring forth a flush of new growth to sustain them through the winter.

This is the first season for this activity, so we are experimenting with our new boat and the opportunities are endless – we want to see how this activity will evolve as we make the most of this exploration.

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