Mummy’s Angels – help for a newborn baby

Mummy’s Angels was established in 2018 by a small group of friends in Maun. It was triggered by a local request for help for a newborn baby who had lost his mother. This initiated the idea that all of our preloved clothing and toys from our now grown children should be going to mothers, babies and homes that really need the extra support.

We did just that for our first donation! Everything came from the cupboards of our children and from close friends within the Maun community. Items that were outgrown or no longer needed including donations of toiletries, blankets and basic hygiene products for the new mummy. One evening we all got together to sort and organise the donated items, and by the end, we had our first pre-packed Mummy’s Angels bags ready and waiting to go.

We established in the very beginning that building relationships with the midwives within the hospital was key to getting our supplies to those who needed them. Over time we have expanded those networks and have built strong connections with the social workers, the hospital staff and dedicated staff in the clinics further out of town which enables us to reach those more isolated. We have also formed connections with other local organisations allowing us to reach groups who we otherwise would not have reached. We work alongside each other and if there is a mummy or baby in need, we will happily deliver a well-stocked baby bag to the mummy or family.

Since we started this programme. We have been lucky enough to receive support from Kwando Safaris and their guests who have increased our received donations beyond expectation which has enabled us to now do follow up bags which include basic food items consisting of tea, coffee, maize meal and milk. All of which goes a long way in assisting the new mummy, by making the first couple of weeks less stressful.

We hope to continue to be able to support those mummies and families who would otherwise struggle to manage those first few days at home with a new baby.

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