Nxamaseri Lodge's Pels promise

Pel’s Fishing Owl remains one of the most sought after species by birders visiting Africa. It is now regularly seen on short walking safaris from Nxamaseri Lodge, as there is a ‘resident’ on an island nearby.

They have been sighting a pair of “Pel’s” almost daily for the past year and guests have been delighted with the proximity and clarity of the sightings, even in broad daylight (despite the owl being mainly nocturnal.)

Clients are taken on a short mokoro or speedboat journey, before landing on a small island and enjoying a short walk into the thick woodland and vegetation. Nothing is guaranteed, but very few guests have left disappointed.

This pic was taken during our own most recent trip to Nxamaseri.
The lodge is a little gem – its clear waters make croc spotting a whole new experience, watching the locals cut reeds or fish along the water’s edge is fascinating, whilst the lodge itself (with its open fronted guest rooms) is simply beautiful.

Okavango Delta, Botswana
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