Okavango Air Rescue – Dumela from Maun!


We are here for you in Botswana: …and have been airborne since 15th of October 2012 – We are the first Helicopter based emergency medical rescue operation in Botswana.

Most tourists travelling in our country purchase prime insurance for the duration of their holiday. However, many are unaware that the most complicated part of a medical transfer either to a modern hospital, or repatriation to their home country, is the evacuation from the Okavango Delta, or from a remote or inaccessible area.

Previously there were no organisations in Botswana, nor any travel insurance that had a Helicopter Rescue Service stationed in situ. To date small aircraft, boats and four wheel drive vehicles have been utilized or chartered in an emergency in order to evacuate a patient. These modes of transport are neither medically equipped, nor do they include an accompanying emergency medical doctor.

Consequently, the requirement for a Helicopter, and Doctor based, emergency medical rescue service in Botswana was established.

Since Government funding is not available and Insurance Companies currently only cover rescue services to approximately 25% of the actual costs of a helicopter medical rescue service; OAR adopted the “Patronage” system on which to base its Botswana operation. The “Patronage” system was developed by the Swiss rescue service “REGA” when Switzerland found itself in a similar situation some 60 years ago.

Not only tourists benefit from this service but Botswana as a whole.

The minimal Patronage fee of Pula 175.00, which roughly equates to £ 9.60, assures the Patron of an evacuation in case of a medical emergency. The fee also supports the Patronage concept, which in turn benefits the local population and inhabitants of Botswana. Okavango Air Rescue flies for Everybody!

“Affiliate Accounts” have been established for Travel Agents and Tour Operators through which tourists can be registered with OAR directly. The moment a client’s name is entered into the account, he is registered and immediately covered by OAR. An affiliate account is customized for each individual company, with its own ID and password.

Travel Agents and Tour Operators are offered a 14% Agent’s Commission on registration of each Patron on their Affiliate Account. The Affiliate Account holder is invoiced at the end of every calendar month. The invoice is sent by email and can be paid by credit card or bank transfer.

If you have any questions or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Looking forward hearing from you!

With kind regards, I remain

Yours sincerely

Dr. Misha Kruck

Director and Head of Medical Operation

Only through you we can fly!