Safari & Guide Services – Focus on Families

“Family is One of Nature’s Masterpieces” (George Santayana)

The sightings for 2014 have been truly spectacular – and what better way than to share them with your family on safari? Safari and Guide Services have been offering safaris with a specific focus on families for some time and now we are working on a big step forward in this direction – our first mobile family tent! Although this is in the final design stages we hope to have it ready at the start of 2015.

Our ensuite (Morula and Ebony level) tents have up to now performed this function although we wanted to ensure that families, as well as having a private safari camp to themselves, have a space where parents can have their own tent without having to split up or worry about the little ones at all. The first tent will have a common bathroom for the family to share while the sleeping quarters will interconnect through the bathroom to ensure peace of mind as well as privacy for all.

With the initial enthusiastic response we have received it looks like we may be designing more of these special tents! As soon as we have it finished we will let you know. In the meantime if you have any queries regarding this or any of our Mobile Safari or Tour Operator products get in touch.

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