Samayera Safaris – Rhinos In Moremi!


Rhinos In Moremi!

2017, of course, is over. And we had the chance, in a very successful season, with our luxury mobile tented camp, fully booked in all our departures, to enjoy wonderful sightings.

Nature has been very generous with our clients, offering excellent sightings, also rewarding the hard tracking work of our qualified guides.

We have been witnesses of the big size the Savute’s brothers have reached! These 3 brothers that past 2016 kept being part of the famous Marsh’s Pride, and when 2017 began, we found them separated from the pride, and settled in the Savute’s North Area.

Our guests have seen them showing the big power they have reached: mating, hunting… With one of them around September with an injured leg, we have had the chance to observe them taking care each other…

And of course, the new generation coming: we have been witnesses of the 2 new puppies who have arrived at the Marsh’s Pride, which as you can see in the picture, are coming full of energy.

But the Lions have not been the only main character on the safaris on the 2017 season: wild dogs have offered to us wonderful moments: Third Bridge pack offered us the new puppies, as well as the Mogotlho’s pack, which we had the chance to observe asking for food to the pack’s members when, unfortunately, they came back to the den after an unsuccessful hunting morning.

And of course, the 2-cheetah brothers, which have been moving around Savute’s area….

No doubt, 2017 has been a season full of incredible and very beautiful sightings. But the peak of the season came in October, for the luckiest group during the whole 2017, when during the morning drive in Moremi, after 2 days tracking her, we found the most beautiful lady in the world.

No doubt, for me this was the most intense moment I have lived in the past 5 years: tears full of emotion came to my eyes when I saw this beautiful rhino. I was so nervous I almost didn’t find my camera!!!

To have had the chance to live this moment and share it with our guests is the result of the effort of the Government and the organisations that are working very hard to protect and reintroduce these animals in Botswana. Thank you to all of them.