Sanctuary Retreats – Rhino Monitoring


Following on from our involvement in the successful translocation of a substantial number of black and white rhino to the Moremi Reserve in Botswana, we have now started work to monitor this growing rhino population.

By monitoring and studying the behaviour of the rhino, the team hope to learn more about their territories, foraging and breeding habits – something which will help determine what effect the translocation project has had on the rhino and the area, and also find out if the area can handle more rhino.

As part of this project we have hired two dedicated Monitoring Assistants, Ollie and Kandu, who we are delighted to welcome into our Sanctuary family. They will be based at Sanctuary Chief’s Camp and will cover the Moremi Game Reserve area. Guests staying at this camp will have the opportunity to speak with Ollie and Kandu to find out how the Okavango Delta’s rhino population is thriving.

So that Ollie and Kandu can cover the vast distances, they also have their very own monitoring vehicle. This will be their sole mode of transport and will be mounted with a GPS unit, computer and radio. They will also be equipped with the latest tracking software and camera equipment so that they can easily pinpoint and identify the rhino.

Ollie and Kandu have been trained by both the Mombo Rhino Monitoring Team and the Botswana Anti-Poaching Unit who have a combined wealth of experience to share with our team. This will result in a strong long term collaboration between our team, the Mombo team, Mombo II Anti-Poaching Unit and Rhino Conservation Botswana.

We’re excited for this next chapter in our mission to safeguard Botswana’s growing rhino population and look forward to sharing the progress along the way.

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