Sense of Africa – Awaken all your “Senses”


Awaken all your “Senses” in our playground and come see, feel, taste, hear and yes even smell it for yourself! Join in on our fun with our upcoming #Senseit campaign and we will take you on a journey to discover Botswana and surrounds with the unique, the unusual and the unlimited array of experiences that our home and our backyard has to offer….

So #Senseit with SenseBotswana and the team at Sense of Africa together with our industry partners as we showcase, travel to and experience first-hand what makes Botswana the ultimate and an unrivalled travel destination.

 ‘’See it for yourself…’’. Experience the adrenaline, feel the rush and see the Okavango delta from above whether it’s your first time or you do it often, it never gets old and it never disappoints… with the doors off and the experience a little less commercial the birds eye view from a Helicopter is an unforgettable experience!

‘’Feel it for yourself…’’ One of the most incredible experiences to date has got to be sitting on the edge the Makgadikgadi salt pans amongst some of the most social families you will ever meet – Our Meerkats!!

‘’Taste if for yourself…’’ no safari to Botswana would be complete without a little Culture… the Boma evening is a classic and thoroughly enjoyed experience at most camps.. But building up the courage to delight oneself with your first Mopane worm well that adds an element of entertainment for many. – So would you do it?

‘’Hear it for yourself…’’ The mighty Victoria falls…Water levels and time of year will never take away the amazement one has when you first see the Victoria falls, but its not just the sight one experiences but what amazes most has got to be the sound which you can hear from far – as they say… the Smoke that thunders!

‘’Smell it for yourself…. ‘’Any African will tell you there is nothing better than the smell of Rain, and it is certainly true… the first rains and those that follow throughout our Green season would give Chanel No5 a run for their money if we could only bottle that smell!