SGS – Ten Year Challenge

Maunwards and Onwards

At the end of 2016 we took the leap of moving the Company back to Maun where it all started for Safari & Guide Services in 1986. It wasn’t a small undertaking moving an entire Company and team but what a positive change we’ve seen. With the new directorial team completing their 10th year in charge (although they are still relatively junior in the company, most of the team have been there longer…) and with a continuous plan of reinvestment and training the sky is the limit.

With the 5 previous years posting record results and with a very large increase in sales in 2018 we’d like to offer our heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported us. Looking back through the photos of the past 10 years we suddenly realised that we were, somewhat unwittingly, in our own “10 year challenge”. Time does indeed change all things but, looking at where we are now, with a completely revamped fleet of vehicles, new tents and mobile safari products, we can see that the one or two grey hairs earned on the way have been worthwhile.

In a world where tourism and tourism sales channels have changed so much, we’ve stuck to the winning formula of efficiency, prompt replies and an enthusiasm for what we do. Coupled with an awesome guiding experience and an adherence to the old world of safari this is safari as it was meant to be.

Contact us. If you get in touch with us and we don’t get back to you in 3 hours then there’s a good chance that your email is lost, we have a powercut (highly likely at the moment) or that we are dealing with the interesting array of challenges that Botswana occasionally throws our way.

We’ve continued to adapt our variety of Tailor Made Mobile Safaris so that we can offer you the best of budget to ensuite comfort. Flexibility has continued to be our hallmark through the years. Feel free to bring us a challenge or ask for something that tests our imagination! Whether it’s friends on a safari, multigenerational family trips taking advantage of our family tents or a couple in need of a private safari, we encourage you to come up with the most inventive and exciting itineraries and let us help you create safaris that will be remembered for a lifetime!