Tlhokomela Founded Early Last Year

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The Tlhokomela Botswana Endangered Wildlife Trust was founded with the aim to act as a facilitating body for conservation activities, with a special focus on fund raising initiatives which are national, sustainable and ensure the longevity of revenue flow to support the protection and growth of Botswana’s endangered species.

Tlhokomela is led by a Board of Trustees, who have come together in their own individual capacity because of their belief in the preservation of all Botswana’s endangered species as part of a non-negotiable legacy for the entire country. His Excellency, President Ian Khama, has shown his support for the national trust through his patronage and continued strong political will and governance on Botswana’s conservation policy. The Board of Trustees bring together government, private sector and conversation organisations and is made up by the Honourable Minister Tshekedi Khama, Balisi Bonyongo, Map Ives, Leina Gabaarane, Michelle Goushe, Mike Chase, Keith Vincent and Jillian Blackbeard.

Botswana Tourism Organisation is set to cover the operating costs in the short term, establishment period for the Trust as part of its synergic approach to tourism. Preservation of endangered species is essential to the growth and success of BTO’s mandate.

The Trust has identified emergency projects that require fund raising, including delivering an elite equipped and trained anti-poaching unit under the Department of Wildlife and National Parks and a centralised rhino monitoring and operational centre under the Rhino Conservation Botswana, to continue to successfully protect the existing and newly relocated rhino population.

Fundraising gained momentum in 2015 through the Race For Rhinos, Botswana Tourism’s air-navigation event and the partnership with the Giants Club in London. Already this year through a partnership with National Geographic all proceeds from the tourism industry’s advertising in a special print edition on Botswana have been donated to Tlhokomela, whilst in New York a fund raising dinner supported by De Beers and Explore successfully bought over 100 guests together.

The Trust plans to host further dinners across the US and Europe, bringing together philanthropists, socially responsible corporates and the tourism industry together to raise funds for the ensured safety and longevity of Botswana’s endangered species.

Tlhokomela invites all companies to look at how they can add their support for this national initiative. As a company, the Trust welcomes discussions on how your organisation can be involved and as a private individual donation channels are open in the US and UK which carry tax benefits.