Tuli Safari Lodge – Travelling Tables

Tuli’s Travelling Tables

Welcoming families of all ages and offering an authentic safari experience speaks little of what Tuli Safari Lodge has to offer. Tuli – best described as unique, intimate, and captivating – provides its guests the unforgettable experience of enjoying each meal in a completely different setting than the last, whether it is within the lodges’ spacious grounds, along the banks of the mighty Limpopo River, or out in the reserve amongst the mopane trees and wondering wildlife.

Fancy arriving to bush-brunch after a morning game drive? Tables set beautifully in specially selected location overlooking the vast expanse of grasslands, perhaps a herd of elephant or giraffe scattered in the distance. High-tea served at the most pristine and relaxing setting on top of a sandstone hill; special visitors take shape in the form of elephant shrews and colourful lizards. What about having dinner next to ancient baobabs? The sky lit with galaxies, surrounded by nothing but friendly faces and the sounds of laughing hyena in the distance. Private romantic dinners can be arranged for surprise celebrations, special occasions or for the simple enjoyment of the guests.

Tuli’s dining tables travel to unexpected locations, to provide our guests with unexpected, yet memorable experiences. Make your reservation today by emailing reservations@tulilodge.com and experience Tuli’s traveling tables for yourself.