Tuli Trust – New Conservation Trust

Launch of new conservation trust in Botswana

Tuli Conservation Trust is a new charitable organisation in Botswana established to protect and enhance the Northern Tuli Game Reserve by finding sustainable solutions to enable human/wildlife coexistence.

The Northern Tuli Game Reserve is a precious wilderness asset in a strategic location where Botswana meets its neighbours South Africa and Zimbabwe at the confluence of two great African rivers, the Limpopo and the Shashe. The Reserve forms the cornerstone of the 5,909 square kilometre Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area, one of a series of Peace Parks established in Southern Africa to jointly manage natural and cultural resources across international boundaries.

As is the case across Africa, poaching is an increasing challenge in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve with a noticeable escalation over recent times. And as is the case across the world, farming communities living in close proximity to wildlife also face real challenges protecting their crops, livestock and livelihoods.

The Trust is supporting priority projects under a three-pronged approach including empowerment of local communities, creation of a reserve-wide anti-poaching unit and an upgrade and extension of the game reserve fence (the long term vision is to have a wildlife corridor stretching from the Northern Tuli Game Reserve/Greater Mapungubwe TFCA through to the Kruger/Greater Limpopo TFCA).

The Tuli Conservation Trust works in partnership with key stakeholders, government agencies and NGOs and encourages tourism as a major form of land use which is supportive of the Trust’s aims. The Trust’s objectives are fully aligned with, and supportive of, the national vision of the Botswana government; global conservation strategy to preserve key at-risk species including elephant and lion; and the local community through employment, empowerment, education and protection of livestock and crops.

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