Wilderness Safaris – Channel Boys Intrude


Channel Boys Intrude

Wilderness Safaris King’s Pool General Manager, Neuman Vasco, gives the latest update on the Linyanti concession lions.

If you have been to King’s Pool then you know the two dominant males that operate between here and Linyanti Tented Camp… And if you have been to DumaTau or Savuti, then you might also know the Channel Boys that have taken over the Savute Channel?

Well, I am here to tell you how boundaries have been traversed and territories are expanding. Having worked at Savuti myself, I recognised the Channel Boys only too well! These males, in their prime and a colossal force to reckon with, dominate two different prides along the Savute Channel. And as if that is not enough, they seem to be on a mission to extend their already expansive territory.

Yes, the Channel Boys are now operating around King’s Pool with the confidence only a king of the jungle would exert. This has taken the two King’s Pool males by surprise, particularly so as the Channel Boys have used the advantage of the jackalberry canopy that amplifies their already charismatic roar! Surprisingly though, the King’s Pool males have not put up a fight; rather, they retreated to a distant corner of their territory along the Linyanti River!

The Channel Boys seem to have won over the pride’s females and have proceeded to scent mark and again roar as if claiming victory and announcing that they are here to stay. As if to regroup and form a strategy, we have heard the distant vocal of the King’s Pool Males, as if giving warning and a chance for the Channel Boys to ‘walk away without a scratch’.

This event has begged the question, why would the Channel Boys extend their territory so far out? I mean, the Savute Channel is flowing again and teeming with prey… Why are the King’s Pool boys not putting up a fight? Why? All this, Mother Nature will answer in due course, that I am sure of.

Mind you, all of this is happening with a pack of wild dog running around with puppies of no more than three months in age! Exciting times in the Linyanti I tell you, exciting times. One just has to live and experience it… It is life changing!

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