Wilderness Safaris – Crafty Kalahari Jackals


Patience and Teamwork Pay Off for Crafty Kalahari Jackals

Wilderness Safaris guide at Kalahari Plains Camp, 2 Teko TK Tiso couldn’t wait to fill us in on this extraordinary sighting while out on a drive with guests near our camp in Botswana’s Central Kalahari Game Reserve…

We went out this morning and, as usual, were driving around until we came across a black-backed jackal sitting on the road, looking off to the side into the bush. We naturally stopped for some pictures but the jackal kept looking attentively to the side of the road and was completely unconcerned about our presence.

We then suspected that there must have been, or perhaps was still, something happening in the grass. We looked around and saw a whitish object in the bush and guess what… boom, it was a steenbok. We immediately observed that it had been partly eaten and suspected that it might have been killed by a cheetah or a caracal.

The jackal went into the bush to drag out the kill but it kept looking around in its vicinity. We quickly realised that whatever had killed the steenbok was still nearby, and after some minutes… a CARACAL appeared!

The jackal was chased away and the caracal dragged away its kill. But just when we were thinking OK, it is over now and the owner of the kill has taken over, the patient jackal appeared again… then two more jackals appeared and, as they outnumbered the caracal, the cat ran away and the jackals took over the kill.

What a sighting… unquestionably patience and teamwork here paid off!

Words and Images by: Teko TK Tiso

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