Wilderness Safaris – Hyaenas vs Aardvark

Hyaenas vs Aardvark at Wilderness Safaris Vumbura Plains Camp

Wilderness Safaris Vumbura Plains Camp General Manager, Corrie Brits came across an interaction between hyaenas and an aardvark.

“We headed out on our early morning safari as usual just after sunrise. As we got close to the Egyptian Pan, we heard the call of hyaena in the area and followed the tracks. We could hear growling behind some bushes which turned out to be two female hyaenas fighting over a fresh kill. There was a particularly bad odour, something I’ve never smelled before. At first we couldn’t make out what it was until one of the hyaenas picked it up and we saw that it was a juvenile male aardvark, which the two hyaenas kept fighting over until the dominant female dragged it away into thick bush and we could no longer follow her”.

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