Wilderness Safaris – Launches war on plastics campaign


This year’s World Earth Day was commemorated on the 22nd of April, with people across the globe coming together to push one very clear theme: End Plastic Pollution. Wilderness Safaris was therefore proud to launch its War on Plastics campaign in Botswana, to ensure that its operations have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.

Wilderness strongly believes that ecotourism can be sustainably practiced without causing undue harm to the environment. For the past 35 years, Wilderness has always been dedicated to looking at new ways to reduce any negative impact its operations may have, whilst at the same time increasing its positive impact in terms of biodiversity conservation and community empowerment.

In addition to dramatically reducing the use of plastic water bottles across the Group, the company has taken this a step further by introducing a War on Plastics campaign, starting with its camps in Botswana. Measures have been put into place to vastly reduce the use of cling wrap (90% in the past financial year), with the goal of eliminating the use of this product entirely by the end of 2018 – using Buzzy Wraps as an alternative. Wilderness Safaris Botswana has also banned the use of plastic straws in all camps, made use of biodegradable corn starch plastics where viable, and reduced the use of plastic in lunch packs.

All Wilderness Safaris’ suppliers have also been encouraged to provide their fresh goods in alternative packaging and not plastic punnets, etc. If any of the packaging can be reused, this is sent back to the supplier so that they can pack goods in it again. Biodegradable packaging is being used where possible at all camps. Food management is also a strong focus area, with various measures being taken to reduce wastage and to source local produce wherever possible.

“These are just some of the measures currently in place to enhance our ongoing commitment to our 4Cs sustainability ethos of Commerce, Community, Culture and Conservation. We are driven to work towards a plastic- and waste-free culture at Wilderness and will continue to pioneer new and innovative ways to reduce our footprint even further”, said Segametsi Monnamorwa, Wilderness Safaris Botswana Environmental Manager.