Wilderness Safaris – Pelo has fledged


The Pel’s chick at Pelo has fledged… Pelo Camp, Jao Reserve
Pelo Camp is situated on a heart-shaped island in the heart of the Okavango. Pelo means heart in Setswana and it was for this reason, as well as the elusive and sought-after Pel’s fishing-owl that occurs here, that we named our little gem of a camp Pelo.

In keeping with its name and ethos, Pelo Camp has just hosted a Pel’s fishing-owl nest right in front of Tent 4. We have been privileged to be able to watch the whole process of incubating and raising a chick.

Recently the chick fledged the nest and later the chick attempted its maiden flight from the top of the sycamore fig, but miserably failed and fell to the ground. The chick looks fine and is slowly but surely making its way back to the tree.

We are so grateful to all our guests who stayed alongside this nest without any disturbance. We are proud of our new addition; however, we are sad that this momentous time has come to an end.

Written by Cathy Kays

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