Wilderness Safaris – Rare Wild Dog Sighting


Rare wild dog sighting and more at Wilderness Safaris Kalahari Plains Camp

Wilderness Safaris Kalahari Plains Camp continues to live up to its reputation of offering some of the best summer wildlife viewings on the African continent.

Wilderness Safaris guide, Teko TK Tiso and his guests were thrilled to come across a rare sighting of wild dogs during one of their game drives during their stay at the camp in January 2018. As wild dogs were last spotted on the plains in February 2017, one can imagine the kind of excitement such a viewing brought upon TK and his guests. The timing was perfect as the pack was still bloody from feeding on a steenbok they had just killed a few moments earlier. Click here to view a Safari Gallery of this rare sighting.

What started off as a guide, his guests and a pack of wild dogs soon turned into a weekend of amazing sightings around the camp as the guests further spotted two groups of cheetah out in the plains the very next day. Their treat was generously topped with the sighting of a honey badger being closely followed by opportunistic jackals, a bat-eared fox and a pale-chanting goshawk.

This was followed by a cheetah spotted at the waterhole right in front of the camp on the 8th of January…a front row seat to predators of all kinds.