Xomae Campsite – Transfer to Wilderness Site

Xomae Campsite Information in Brief
We offer Campsites with fire places and water stand pipes, tented accommodation on deck with a private balcony and ensuite bathrooms of three twin beds and one double bed.

Xomae Group Campsite
Third bridge – Activities – Boat Cruises , Mokoro Trips, Transfer to Wilderness Sites – Facilities- Newly built ablutions,Water stand pipes,Braii places and fire places provided on each site.
Third bridge Campsite has 9 sites with a carrying capacity of 8 clients per site and three vehicles. There is a boat station where we provide river activities and transfers to and from Gcadikwe and Gcobegwa islands. Third bridge has 4 tented accomodation privately set at Site # 10. The four tents are built on a deck with a private balcony and ensuite bathrooms on self catering basis.

Nxai South Camp - Facilities – Newly built Ablutions and artificial water holes. Nxai South Camp is situated in Nxai National Park which is located in the Northern fringe of the Makgadkgadi basin. Nxai Pan National Park consists of series of fossils pans and Acacia trees on islands that form shady spots for animals to rest during hot weather.

Baines Baobab – The wilderness sites and Baobabs are a National Monument- Facilities- Shower buckets, Pit latrine- NO WATER & WHAT YOU BRING YOU TAKE OUT. The Baines Baobab were named after the famous painter and explorer Thomas Baines in 1862. This group of Baobabs is commonly called sleeping sisters . The Baines overlook the Kaudia Camp Pan.

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