Chobe Game Lodge – Elephant Crossing

The Great Elephant Crossing

During the annual #ThisIsChobe campaign hosted at Chobe Game Lodge late last year, the true experience of the largest concentration of elephants in Africa was shared by guests and guides alike.

While out on a solar boat sunset cruise from Chobe Game Lodge, thousands of elephants were seen along the banks of the Chobe River on both the Botswana and Namibian side. The numbers were so immense, the guides were battling to decide which herds to go to!

Then, all of a sudden, a massive herd of elephants was spotted heading toward the river’s edge on the Namibian side, at a brisk pace

Now deemed as the biggest elephant crossing in recent years, lucky guests from Chobe Game Lodge witnessed a magnificent spectacle as this mega herd charged into the Chobe River and swam across, right past our boats, back to the Botswana shore. Resembling the great wildebeest migration crossings in East Africa, the sheer number of elephants crossing all at once took everyone watching’s breath away and imprinted this sighting in their memory for the rest of their lives.

#ThisIsChobe is an annual social media campaign run by Desert & Delta Safaris and hosted at Chobe Game Lodge that aims to promote the Chobe region as a leading safari destination.

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