Drifters – Safety and Comfort

Drifters to enhance vehicle safety and comfort

In 2019 Drifters will introduce a new generation vehicle that offers significant improvements and advantages in comfort, safety and reliability.

The new truck is a Hino 500 and is the new model in the series just introduced by Hino. The significant difference with the new vehicle is an automatic transmission. This is a “real” automatic and not an AMT (Automated Manual Transmission), which some trucks have. This means the traditional clutch is replaced by a state of the art torque converter.

By using the new vehicle it adds several advantages to an already safe and reliable vehicle. The new vehicle adds additional strength and reliability in difficult situations and something like pulling away on steep hills becomes a breeze. It adds a real advantage when driving in soft sand as no power is lost during gear changes which improve performance in these sticky situations.

The first automated truck will start tours in early 2019 and will pave the way for the rest of the fleet. One of the key advantages the new vehicle brings is increased passenger comfort on the bad roads encountered while travelling through Southern and East Africa. The automated control of gears will also improve overall fuel economy and engine life.

The Drifters Hino fleet has now passed 9,000,000 kilometres since the introduction several years ago and this new generation of vehicle will insure the fleet remains at the forefront of adventure tours in Africa.