Inter-Tourism Group – Day Trip, Weekend, Vacation

Our safaris cater for all ages, singles, couples, families, students or groups, be it a day trip, weekend getaway on holiday vacation. We offer budget and private exclusive safaris with personal attention for the best experience of your Botswana safari based on your interest and our advice. Our safaris are done by professional local guides and bushmen for the best experience and value for money be it a day trip, mobile camping safari, lodging safari or a combination of both to the best of Botswana. Optional activities included dug out canoe ride, boat cruise on the chobe river, scenic flights over the Okavango delta, or fishing. Either way, you will see the most breathtaking sundowners, spend nights sharing stories under a sky heavy with stars, by the campfire and enjoy freshly prepared meals. Our safari evokes images of those intrepid early explorers and missionaries who took pioneering journeys into the remote untamed wilderness of Africa.

We also do Cultural Tours and walking safaris. We have host families in different parts of Botswana, to accommodate and guide you on their traditions and culture. Inter-tourism Group also brings you closer to the bushmen, the hunters and gatherers. Our bushmen guides are always happy to welcome you, take you on a bush walk and teach you their hunter-gatherer skills. They will also show you important plants and traditional medicine.

Our historical tours will take you through our tribes and their museums, the history of our three chiefs that went to great Britain to seek independence, our first president and his chieftaincy, royal graveyard in Serowe, ancient rock paintings, places of war, footpaths of The famous missionary David Livingstone and the explorer Thomas Baines.

Our safaris will take you to the places you never imagined, places faraway , vast wild open spaces, bringing you intouch with Botswana’s untamed wilderness.

With us you have a choice to come see the 1000 kilometer desert race, the second biggest race after Dakar, the sand dune bike race in Khawa village, Horse racing, The Race for Rhinos & Makgadikgadi Epic, where planes race to save the rhinos and you can also do parachuting or join various charity walks in the desert or salt pans .

Dumela Rra…. Dumela Mma… Goroga ka pula